Wethington Gate


    Featuring Drop-In P-Hook Pin System with Connectors

  • Provides quick and easy installation
  • Pins are formed to help prevent sharp edges and injury
  • The ends are stamped and flat washers are placed on the pins to prevent disconnecting
  • Connectors are formed from 7 gauge heavy steel

6 Bar Standard Corral Panel

  • Height:  62"
  • Consists of 1 3/4" O.D. round tubular steel
  • 6 Horizontal bars--Horizontal bars are placed through the brace before welding for additional support and stability
  • Braces are made by using flat steel, then punching holes through the steel, folding the edges, and adding two additional bends to provide stability, strength, and completion of the Z formation
  • Corners are rounded
  • Loop legs which help prevent sinking
  • Drop-in pin system.  Pin system provides quick and easy installation
  • Available in lengths from 4' to 20' in 2' intervals
  • Available Colors are Green, Red or Galvanized

Heavy or Regular Corral Panel

Features of the 6 bar heavy and regular corral panels are the same as described above for the standard 6 bar panel with the exceptions of:

  • Made with heavier material
  • More bracing
  • Stronger construction